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About Us

Welcome to Sedona Sleep where Tranquility Rules the Night

Now for a completely logical way to buy a mattress online

Doesn't it makes sense if you are going to buy a mattress online site unseen that you put your trust in a company with over 100 years of mattress manufacturing experience? Or does it make more sense to buy a mattress from a company who doesn't even own a sewing machine and that is nothing more than a marketing firm?

Our owners together comprise of more than 100 years in the mattress manufacturing business. From waterbeds to the first adjustable beds (Craftmatic), then to spring mattresses and finally latex foam mattresses. When we say been there done that it's really true.

About the Owners-Innovation from the Innovators

Arnold Cohen is a mattress industry legend from working in his fathers mattress factory at age 13 to one of the original owners of Craftmatic Adjustable beds and having the largest independent mattress factory on the East Coast out of Philadelphia. Arnold is an innovator and brought ideas to the table in the 70's that are still being used today by many mattress factories like the ortho foundation. Arnold is most recognized as being the first person to bring a High Speed chain stitch quilting machine to the U.S. from Germany which are now the mainstay of all the major mattress factories. Forward thinking is what Mr. Cohen brings to the business as does his partner Ken Hightower who credits himself with inventing the first waveless waterbed in 1977 when his wife was pregnant with their first child. That in of itself revolutionized the waterbed world recording over $2,000,000 sales upon it's introduction to the High Point Furniture Market, and that was just the first week!

Ken is also an industry pioneer owning (and still does) one of the first companies to actually sell mattresses online all the way back in 1997. Other industry professionals thought he was crazy because who would buy a mattress without laying on it first? Who's the crazy one now? Virtually all brands are now available for purchase online. Ken was also the first person to bring a live WebCam into his factory so customers could actually watch their mattress being made, and that was in 1999! Ken aka EcoMattressMan is also regarded as one of the top experts in the field of latex foam mattresses. With his own highly successful website having sold 10's of millions of dollars worth of latex mattresses who better to partner with than the man who knows latex and has the connections for the best quality latex on the planet.

Together these two highly regarded individuals have partered up to bring you the most sophisticated yet simple combination of foams in a design that just makes sense to those who do the research. The Caspers, Tuft and Needles, Leesa's, Yoga Beds, Nest's and all the others cannot compare in overall quality and firmness choices to the Sedona Sleep design put together by these 2 mattress industry innovators. Just compare and you'll see for yourself why these two legends bring you the absolute best mattress value online.

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